Tuesday, November 17, 2009

50 Sense EP

Aiight first things first. I'm not a fan of 50 cent...... sorry to those of you who may have some of his material in your collection. I'm not saying I hate the man. I just dont dig him. Now, many of you have heard me give shouts to Digital Vertigo. DV is a dj forum that i've been a memeber of for years now. One of the members, DJ Waxon, made an EP with 50 cent remixes that he did himself. Similar to how 9th wonder flipped Nas' Gods Son. Now once again, I'm not a fan of fiddy. But the new beats are official and worth sharing. My mans even took it a step further and layered the remixes over curtis' existing videos. Check it out.

Download 50 Sense EP > http://www.djwaxon.com/audio/DJ%20Wax%20On%20-%2050%20Sense.zip

DJ Waxon youtube > http://www.youtube.com/djwaxon

The most fabulous T-Bear One8III

Thursday, October 8, 2009

You Hungry???

Toms Diner // DNA featuring Suzanne Vega

When you live in my house, everything equates back to a song. Somebody is either humming or singing or beat boxing a song in this house. And damn near every situation that comes up in a conversation gets realated back to a song. Well, this morning my wife is singing throughout the house. And todays song happens to be Tom's Diner. Havent heard this song in years. But what I have heard and have used in a mix a few years ago is Daddy's Little Girl by Nikki D.

Daddy's Little Girl (live)// Nikki D

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

WJBX: podcast #4 HSD!!!!!!!!

This is the 4th installment of Jungle Bassment Radio. This one was done for the High Speed Dubbing blog. I took a different approach from what I usually do for Jungle Bassment Radio. Its short but its still for the love of the music, so check it out.


01. Your in shambles - Del
02. MC's act like ya know inst. - KRS & Premire
03. Mary Jane (all night long) - Mary J
04. Got cha opin remix - Black Moon
05. Return of the crooklyn dodgers inst. - Crooklyn Dodgers
06. Dont see us madlib remix - The Roots & Madlib
07. Oh my God remix - Tribe
08. Im Gonna Do Ya - Jungle Brothers
09. workingonit - J Dilla

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


We've had a long run here at Blogger, but now it's time to move on.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

End to End Players vol. 1

Loose Ends // Look How Long (1990)

When was the last time you had a album that was an end to end player? You know, every track is bangin from track one to track whatever. No need to skip or fast forward. Loose Ends is one of my favorite R&B groups. I was just a shorty when this album came out. My brother used to play it all the time. All I remember is that it is a great album. I recently got my hands on this album again and its still bangin. And the production is incredible. I cant remember which songs were singles. But this whole album could be a single. You need to get up on it if you havent already. Heres a few of my favorite joints.

Loose Ends "Loves Got Me" // Look How Long

Loose Ends "Hold Tight" // Look How Long

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Does Ye know about this!?!

So I'm perusing youtube and I stumble across this track. Dope as it maybe i can't help but wonder is mr. west aware of this?

It is obviously a take off:

i know, i know. One or more of you loyal HSD readers is saying, "but ave, Curtis made 'move on up' in '70, and Ye made touch the sky in '06".

Well loyal reader, there is a perfectly logical explanation for this. If you actually watched the touch the sky video (2:30)you'll see that the video was shot in '69 (Mr West was even ahead of the game by being one of the first to criticize president nixon early in his administration). At least a year ahead of Curtis.

......i know. i know..."But ave, Ye wasn't born until '77". Again, logical explanation best summed up in this early yet recent pic of Ye that should put this to rest

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

weezy? Is that you?

I was invited to contribute awhile back, so this is over due....but, you know....anywho.
My first post was supposed to be about a convo Donnie and i had, it goes something like this.....
We were talking about Weezy (not the one from above, but lil weezy/wayne {don't worry, i didn't forget the baby}, but I didn't want to scare people off before they read the point).

Sorry Ms. Jefferson.
Basically the consensus of my people back in the day was Wayne sucked. In the last couple years some of those people have come around to various degrees; from near g.o.a.t contention to thinking he has some entertaining lines (though she said she can't admit that to everyone). KRS was on Sirius awhile back and put it like this (I'm paraphrasing), "Wayne is dope.....definitely is hiphop.....but some of his subject matter can be a little young for my taste". Thanks Kris, couldn't have said it better myself. Being that this is a music blog on the internet i guess a link of sorts is warranted:

How'd this happen? (do I look like a mind reader) ion't know.
maybe it's the drug use.
maybe its a ghostwriter. maybe if you were rich before you could drive and had nothing to do all day but write lyrics you come up with some witty stuff too....